Monday, April 15, 2013

More Body Trivia!

Can you answer these human body questions correctly? Check your answers at the end of the post to see if you answered them correctly.

The largest part of the human brain is the:

A. Medulla oblongata
B. Cerebellum
C. Cerebrum
D. Brain stem
What makes bones strong?

A. Silica

B. Cartilage
C. Blood and marrow
D. Calcium and phosphorous
The main part of hemoglobin (protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen) is:

A. Chlorine
B. Iron
C. Calcium
D. Gold
Answer Key:
The largest part of the human brain is the cerebrum. It controls higher mental functions, such as thought, reason, emotion, and memory.
What makes bones so strong? Calcium and phosphorous. Foods like cheese or dairy products, sunflower seeds and soy beans are good sources of phosphorous and calcium. 
The main part of hemoglobin is iron.

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