Thursday, February 7, 2013

Why Self Esteem is Important

Our class talked about self esteem the other day and came up with this definition for it. Self Esteem is how you feel about yourself or how much confidence you have about yourself. We all agreed that having high self esteem is important. Each of us gave our personal thoughts on why everyone could benefit from a positive self image.

Sapphire Diamonds said, "It's important because a person feels bad about themselves; they might say things to hurt others."

PrettyHealthyMe said, "Low self esteem could be the cause of bullying, fights or make someone cry."

Young Wonder said, "I think you should love yourself for you, not what boys or girls say about you. You should have faith and confidence in yourself".

The Running Man said, "Everyone needs to feel important."

Muscle Man said, "Feeling good about yourself can keep you from hurting yourself or others."

Express Question: What other reasons are there for a person to have high self esteem? Respond to this post with your answers!


  1. its good that you listen in school and that your school supports this because its a very good idea and it is useful

  2. I think self esteem is important because it gives you more confident in yourself and it helps you through life and in important situations