Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Welcome to the Health Express Online Magazine!

We created this blog to help our peers and community learn fun and interesting tips about Eating Well, Exercise and a safe, healthy Environment. You can expect to see tips, articles and fun activities that you can try at home. We plan to update our webpage weekly, so be sure to leave us comments and questions on the posts you read. We have decided to choose pen names for this project, so expect to see each of us listed under a fun alias like ‘Noodles’ or ‘Jumping Jack'.

We are also open to sharing your ideas and projects too! If you have written about a health related topic or are working on a project that will help our community members live healthy lives, we want to hear about it! Please send your article, along with your name, grade or occupation and any pictures you would like to share to Your story may even be posted to our website!
To stay updated on whenever we update the site, please become a subscriber by entering your email address into the ‘Subscribe via Email’ box in the left column of our blog and click ‘Submit’.
We welcome you aboard the Health Express, where you can take a on the roadway to health!


Ms. Hardy-Smith’s 3rd period Health Class
Blackburn Middle School

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